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The putter with a distance measurement mechanism ( function )
Welcome! to DMMP Technology (R)
DMMP:Distance Measurement Mechanical Putter
DMMP Technology:Distance Measurement Method Putting Technology

< The R&A has determined the DMMP grips without a through-hole do conform to the Rules of Golf. >

The traditional patting is to strike a ball by the "intuition" based on many many experiences.

It's serious matter for a beginner by spending time and money to master the intuition.

DMMP technology is developed in order to ease a beginner's above-mentioned burden.

Since the putting becomes to be stabilized in slight practice, the pleasure of golf doubles.

Recently, it has been recognized that
the DMMP effects are caused by not only the beginner class but also the expert class

In Olympic Game, almost all players will use DMMP, I hope.

First of all, please watch the following short movie that丂explains how to use DMMP.
<In this movie, DMMP has the through-hole which The R&A doesn't admit.>

The special scale is mounted on the grip of DMMP. (The grip length is almost 30cm.)

Pattern on DMMP Grip
International Patent Application is registered at WIPO.
The patent acquisition is in Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, US and GB

If you want to try this new concept putter directly, please send us an e-mail.

Address :

Especially for the foreigners living in outside of Japan, we have prepared some free samples
of DMMP Grip.
You need not hesitate. We have accepted many proposals already.

Of course, you can buy our DMMP-Grips directly from this site.

Usage is easy.

1. The putting swing form is made by the pendulum type which consists of two arms and putter.

2. With this putter, the amount of backswing, which have a ball roll into a cup, can be measured.

3. With the sweet spot of the head, putt the ball by the measured amount of backswing correctly.

丂Each items are explained concretely as following,


1. Pendulum Swing (in Case of Right-handed Person)

侾) Swing :

The center of both shoulders, i.e., the base of a head, becomes the rotation center of the Pendulum.

Moving both shoulders like seesaw focusing on the axis of rotation, the position of the head is
always fixation.

Both arms and a putter are united for making the Pendulum, i.e., the angle of elbows and wrists are
almost fixed while swinging.
The grip forces are very weak but enough not to drop the putter.

The most important thing for the Pendulum swing is to relax the muscles of arms and hands
and to synchronize to the motion of the putter.

The downswing is caused by the putter head weight and changes the falling motion of a putter
into the rotational movement.

The ball is hit by a head swing speed caused by a backswings amount, and is not hit by a muscular strength.

. The amount of back-swing <= The amount of follow-swing

Principle of Energy Conservation

T: Backswing R: Pendulum radius X: Distance to a cup

2) Cycle of swing :

The cycle of a pendulum is decided by the length from an axis of rotation to a putter head.

When the right-and-left peak magnitude is counted with one beat respectively,
the relationship between the player's height (cm) and the number of beats (per 1 minute) is following,

160 cm height ------------------about 54 beat

170 cm height ------------------about 52.5 beat

180 cm height ------------------about 51 beat

190 cm height ------------------ about 50 beat

Let's practice by changing amplitude freely so that the cycle of swing is almost same in the above
number of beats sounded by a metronome.


2. How to use "putter with a distance measurement mechanism"

1) The feature :

(1) The amount of backswing which needs to roll a ball to a cup can be read in an instant.

(2) In a few time before a putt, the player can concentrate on reading a green inclination and a line.

(3) The player does not feel fear in front of a shot, because there is a reason of numerical decision.

Even if it makes a mistake, this decision will be modified more accurately in the next putting.

2) The measurement method :

An arm with a putter is lengthened to the calibrated Arm length and a putter is hung right above a ball.

When the horizon mark is adjusted to the height of player's eye, the player looks down in a direction
of a cup without moving the face.

The amount of recommendation backswing can be read in the scale of the grip at which the view line
is crossing.

Distance Measurement to a cup

Image which is actually visible :

Actual distance measuring method

The optimal backswing amount indicated by the scale near to the cup.
But the short putting needs backswing more than the direct distance to the cup.

How to adjust the scale origin to the height of player's eye

First, you look at a distant place by a standing posture and fix your head.
Then, you hold the putter vertically with an arm and move slowly up until you can't see
the grip-end surface.

While moving up the putter with your arm, you don't move the face except eyes.

3) Calibration :

In order to use the putter of the same scale by every kind of player's height, the calibration
is required before a play game.

This method confirms the relation between a backswing amount and a distance which a ball rolls.
This relation includes the influences of a swing personalty, a green speed and a grain of turf


(1) Choose a flat place on a trial putting green and putt a ball with backswing 30cm.
(The grip length is almost 30cm.)

(2) In a measurement posture of keeping the grip end to the horizontal line, fixing the
head and moving eyes, adjust the arm length in order to see the rolled ball at 30cm
position (inverse triangle mark) of the scale on the grip.

In an actual game, you can measure the distance on the green by the Arm length which
carried out from
the calibration.

You'd better fasten your side of arm having a putter to stabilize keeping the grip end to
the horizontal line.丂

Compensation Rate

The green has many kinds of inclination. So we must compensate the measured backswing amount.
The compensation rates are shown in the following table.

Direction Inclination Level Short Middle Long
Up Small X 1.1 Over 0.5m X 1.0
Middle X 1.2 Over 1m X 1.0
Large X 1.3 Over 1.5m X 1.0
Down Small X 0.9 Short 0.7m X 1.0
Middle X 0.7 X 0.7乣0.8 Short 2m
Large X 0.5 X 0.5乣0.4 Short 5m

丂By another method, we decide the imaginary Cup and measure the distance by DMMP like following.

Measurement distance to a cup on a slope

3. Putting ( in Case of Right-handed Person )

1) Hit position :

For making the kinetic swing energy transmit to a ball efficiently, a ball should be hit in a putter
head center-of-gravity position.

Putter head strikes a ball in the place changed from the lowest end of the orbit to the rise,
and give a rotation energy to the ball. (the going-straight nature will increase )

2) Short putt :

It is important to hole a ball in with one putt for making a good score, when the ball is within 2m
from the cup.

On the other hand, long putt aims at carrying a ball within 1m radius circle from a cup.

At usual swing practice before and after of the shot in 20cm, head orbit should be seen straight line.

3) Putt on a slope :

-1乣 1 degree ( Gentle slope )

DMMP measures a distance from a ball to a cup longer on an ascent sloped green.

On the other hand on a descent slope, DMMP measures the distance shorter.


Using the above character of DMMP, it's permissible range to putt a ball with the measured

backswing on a gentle slope.

under -2乣 over 2 degree (Steep slope)

The amount of backswing increases from 20 to 30 percent in the case of steep up slope, on the other hand

it decreases from 20 to 50 percent on the steep down slope in accordance with a distance.

Incidentally for a ball, the stable stillness becomes impossible on the slope of 3. 6乣3.7 over degree.

When putting across the slope

Let's know the following characteristic of a ball rolling on a slope and carry out a simulation before a putt.

(1) Uphill slope, rolling path curves few

< simulation 1 >
Cup is in the direction upper 45 degrees.

Green: It is slightly quick.

Ball rolling trajectory on a up slope

(2) From beside to downhill across, rolling path curves deeply

< simulation 2 >
Cup exists in the right-angled direction (the just beside direction).

Green: It is slightly quick.
Ball rolling trajectory on a side slope

< simulation 3 >
Cup is in a direction lower 45 degrees.

Green: It is slightly quick.
Ball rolling trajectory on a down slope

If the green speed becomes slower, the amount of curve will decrease proportionately.

Although the putt direction is decided by a simulation of ball rolling path,
putting suitable distance to the cup is the minimum precondition.

4. Bibliography

1) Patent application 2005-504504 Japan
JP Patent No. 3994402
US Patent No. 7,413,438
UK Patent No. GB2411128

2) Utility model patent 2006-002051 Japan

丂3) "How to use DMMP" is up-loaded at YouTube

5. Test e倯倳倝倫倣倕値倲 for putt倕倰 evaluation

Instrument of Inclination Angle

Green slope sensor
Scale: 0.5 degree, 1.5 degree, 2.5 degree, 3.5degree
The maximum measurement angle: 4.5 degrees


Contact :

Address: 3-30-11 Shirayuri, Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
245-0005 Japan

Name: Hideaki Koiwai


How to use
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